ZapBg Life Time Deal is exclusive and offer all features and future updates for FREE. The price starts from as little is $49 and, depending on the price, the deals include a different amount of background remover credits per month and credit rollover, as well as different amounts of storage.

Absolutely! The list is long but here are the most important ones:
– You only pay once.
– You save $$$$
– As ZapBG grows and becomes a superior product, you will get all the cool feature updates for FREE and no additional cost what so ever. 

Of course! If you purchase our lifetime deal now, you will get all future updates and features we add to ZapBg, without any additional costs. These include:
– VideoBG Remover
– Bulk BG Remover
…and so much more

Repetitive tasks such as removing background from images should be fairly simple and quick to do, but they still take a lot of your time and money. While there are tools like PhotoShop or Gimp, they are absolutely horrible when it comes to background removal. You will have to do everything manually. Talk about wasted time…

ZapBG uses a machine learning algorithm that removes the background from an image in just one click.


And if you’re not completely satisfied with the result it has the option of manually selecting the parts of the image you want to remove. Also, unlike most of the tools on this list, ZapBG has a feature that will allow you to instantly add another background image as part of your workflow. That is essential for making captivating creatives and ads.

We have a 30-day refund policy. If you realise ZapBG is not the right tool for you within 30 days of purchasing the deal, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked. 

Yes, you can certainly grab as many plans as you like. 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal payments! In case you decide to use PayPal to purchase a deal if you experience any problems finalizing your purchase we kindly ask you to contact our support team.

You certainly can! As long as the LTD offer is still running, you will be able to do so straight from the app settings and simply by paying the difference. If you decide to do this once the LTD offer runs out, you will just need to get in touch with us and we will help you upgrade to a higher plan.

You can bet on that! We are giving you 30% commission on every sale. Just visit the link below and register yourself and we will take care of the rest. 


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