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I have been using existing background removal tool in Glorify App which is already good. Can’t wait to test this out soon! – Must be so spectacular & insanely better – Farhan Terubos.


No need to spend a lot of time in Photoshop with a tool like this. Looks easy enough for anyone to get a great finished product. – Michelle Duears


I already use Glorify BG remover and I am not Photoshop expert. So this ZapBG should be a game changer for people like me.- Viswanatha Reddi.

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  • Photographer
  • Designer
  • Marketer

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One Click Background Remove

Simple, effective and hassle-free solution for you to remove backgrounds from any image. Crop out your products, models, objects, selfies or anything you like. The more early adopters like yourselves use it, the better our algorithms become through our machine learning system.

Add New Backgrounds

We don’t want you to lose time on downloading, opening different image editing programs and designing everything from scratch. We built a simple editor tool for you inside ZapBG. Currently live with single color backgrounds, and images and gradients soon to come on our roadmap.

Share on Social Media

Once you are done, share on the platforms that matter. We are starting out with a few important integrations, and will continue to include more in the upcoming months.

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Use the brush to manually select certain objects in your selection over other objects very easily. 

A Continually Improving Feature

Undo / Redo

Made a mistake? ZapBG allows you to undo and redo your selections and go back and fourth.

Change Background

Why go back to photoshop to add a background. Use ZapBG to instantly change background color.

Plus / Minus

Plus  / Minus allows you to select and deselect areas to give you finer control over your selection.


Autoclip removes the background for you using AI technology that has been trained on millions of images.

A Continually Improving Feature


Share your creations to the social media platform of your choice; facebook twitter, pinterest or email your friends.

What you also get for FREE!

For supporting us early, you get priority access to these features


Scapel gives you the ability to make more advanced selections.

Refine Edges

Get crisp and sharp edges. With refined edge you get control.


Advanced hair removal options for tricky selections of hair.

Instant Shadows

Give a realistic feel to your cutouts by adding shadows. 

Natural Reflections

Give your cutouts a natural ground reflection to add more depth.


Automatically resize and adjust your images right within our editor.

Bulk BG Remover

Remove backgrounds of a 1000+ images in just a single click

Ever Improving Removal

With time our AI and manual brush algorithms will become better trained. Currently starting out with a good basic functionality.   


Add fun GIFs, emojis, cutouts to make your image more interesting 

Video BG Remover

Why only be limited to photos? Say goodbye to greenscreens

The Roadmap Timeline

See ZapBG in Action

Give it a go!.

Integrations You Need

We are bringing the very best tools you already love and use, so that you don’t have to open another tab or tool! 

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I am beyond excited! Looking forward to launch day 💪🏽
Mel Santiago


That’s freaking awesome guys… You are the next era of revolution in software industry.
Piyush Bansal


I can’t wait to use this tool!
jen Hiles


What a nice tool it is very easy and quick
Sunny Khokhar


Honestly, one of the simplest but yet genuous apps. Very usefull and easy to use. Highly recommend it!
Velijko Djorovic

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